Why aren’t you dedicated?


Before having lunch the other day with my Dad and two nieces, I asked if I should bring copies of the book for them to read. Dad said yes, older niece said no and younger niece said yes, if it was free.

As we waited for the food to arrive, the niece who was going to read the book asked me why it wasn’t dedicated to her. I don’t often get such easy opportunities, but I took the gentlemanly way out.

She was not the first person to ask me about whether my book was dedicated. I did think about it. A variety of choices, some sentimental (Grandma) some tongue-in-cheek, (the economy) were available.

Ultimately, I decided there really wasn’t a need. While I’m sure many people have inspirations or people they wish to recognize, I didn’t truly have that catalyst for writing this book.

I didn’t like the idea of simply saying “dedicated to those who like reading”, since that sounds pompous, so it goes without a written dedication. I think my niece will get over it.

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