Who’s up for a book burning?


money to burnI received three boxes of What Now? yesterday.  One hundred brand spanking new copies.  Unfortunately, these were sent before I re-edited all three books.  Now, I have 100 copies of a book that no longer exists.  If ever there was a prescient book title, I wonder, what now?

I don’t want to send them out for reviews or giveaways.  There were not many errors in the book (about a half-dozen actual errors), but I also changed some of the book itself (mostly simplifying or clarifying).  In essence, it’s the same book, but in actuality it is not.

I suppose I could donate them to local charities.  I could also save a few and slip them into Halloween bags.  I don’t have a fireplace, so I can’t use them to save on electricity and I have a gas grill, so I can’t even use them to replace charcoals.

Haste makes waste is a lesson often re-taught over the course of a lifetime. The challenge is to figure out how to make the results of my haste not go entirely to waste.  It should be an interesting exercise in creative thinking.

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  1. Diane

    A conundrum for sure. As a reader I would not hesitate to receive a copy. I got What Next just today. I don’t see why you can’t offer them on Goodreads with the same explanation. I see it all the time. But if you feel the difference between them is too great for your own peace of mind I can’t think of anything other than donating to charity – which is really no different than the Goodreads option, except that on Goodreads the winners would have the whole story (pun intended). The thing you cannot do is burn them 😛 Sorry, not much help but at least another take on the subject, or the same take, written in other words 🙂
    Best luck!

    • JMD

      Funny, but I was considering the Goodreads option. It would require a healthy explanation of my position, but the book is fully readable. Something to consider, but I’m in no immediate rush.


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