Whoever wins the turnover battle


dumb-as-brickJust in time for football season.

This presidential race sure looks like it’s going to go all the way to the fourth quarter and just like in football, it looks like someone is going to lose the game as opposed to someone winning it.

Really, it’s crazy. Both candidates have made comments dumb as a block of wood. And then both have found ways to set that wood on fire.

The goofiest part is that they more often set the fires on themselves rather than their opponents.

If only this were comedy. Keystone Cops, Three Stooges, Abbott and Costello, Trump and Clinton.

Our two nominees may not have the same physical skills as those great comedy teams, but they have mastered the art of bumbling (and bungling).

What will be the next “routine”? Will the two candidates manage to control themselves until the debates? Will the first debate itself be the “grand finale” on this comedy of errors?

Odds say not.

As we get closer to having to choose (and choose realistically – you don’t get style points for voting for non-impact candidates), it becomes more appealing, if not feasible, to simply hang a “Vacancy” sign on the White House and hunker down for 4 years.

Still, the campaigns are just now coming out of halftime and still have a lot of game time left.

Which “team” is going to make the game-changing turnover at the end?

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