Who cries for the grass


We’re going deep dish weird today, so if you like your blog posts well-grounded (ooh, a pun!), you might need to wait until tomorrow.

I’m a big believer in spirituality. Not so much the tantric chants and zen, but more the existential belief in universal consciousness.

Some people might name it Mother Nature. Some, maybe, bio-electric intelligence. Some others, the Force?

I don’t have a label for it, I simply like to believe that all living things have a connected consciousness that is shared at some level. Obviously, we humans are much too involved with our own lives and self-created complexities to notice.

To me, the birds, the bees, the flowers and the trees are all part of one big life connection. The symbiosis between all of us is too great to ignore.

Given that, I also like to imagine that there is a consciousness in all living things. We don’t find that too problematical in animal life, right? There is observable behavior indicating some level of “intelligence” (our human label for recognizing a species), thus consciousness is accepted as a given.

I believe that extends to plant life as well. The trees, the bushes and the grasses. Epic fantasy notwithstanding, I like to imagine a deep consciousness in “the green” beyond our understanding. Or at least so alien as to be undiscovered.

So it disturbs me on my walks to see grass crushed and shredded by tire tracks unmindfully ravaging the adjacent grass areas. It begins a long and uncomfortable train of thought about to what extent the plant consciousness exists.

Do trees feel pain when they are trimmed back? Do hedges dread when the landscapers show up every two weeks? Does grass shriek silently as mowers and heavy vehicles damage them continually?

There are a number of high-minded people (or, as some people derisively call them, tree-huggers) who try to look out for and defend the great forests and natural flora of the world. They likely do this, though, for the overall balance of the earth as opposed to some belief that the trees and flowers actually might feel pain.

While there are many groups devoted and sympathetic to the plight of trees, I wonder if they consider their front lawn when they stand proud in defense of nature.

Plenty of people cry for the trees of the world. Who cries for the grass?

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