Who can I get to kill me


kill youThe new year is just around the corner and one of the things I promised myself I would get to is deciding who I would ask to kill me.

For many years, I’ve existed without proper protections and safeguards when it comes to the more serious potentialities in life.

Part of that is just my natural conviction that believing everything will be positive means, if not good things will happen to me, at least no bad things will.

The reality is that the odds say most people have something bad happen to them…and a portion of those somethings turn out to be catastrophic.

I’ve had a simple will for years. It’s not hard to do and takes some pressure off thinking about “the end” by just dividing whatever value I hope to leave behind among my remaining loved ones.

The other part, though, is what bedevils me. I think the current term is “Advance Health Directive” (otherwise known as a living will, which seems a somewhat bizarre contradiction). This is the document that tells others when to kill you.

Practically speaking, I get it. you’re laying down your wishes ahead of time so that there doesn’t need to be an argument later. Emotionally, it seems a bit cruel to me.

Who gets to be my “lucky winner” in the “let’s press the off button on Jeffrey’s life”? How can I visit that sort of decision upon anyone? I’m a goner, but they are the ones who have to keep living knowing they “killed” me.

Is it better to let a doctor do it for me? Would my friends and family feel relieved or betrayed? Is it legal or ethical for a doctor to perform such and act without family consent?

Some of these questions will surely be answered by my upcoming sit down with my Dad’s lawyer (I don’t have one of my own), but the main question she will ask me will likely remain…

Who can I get to kill me?

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