Which social media fits a social misfit?


social mediaYeah, we’re there.  Decision time.

Okay, I’ve whittled it down to only two choices to help chronicle my daily adventures on the Great North American Baseball Road Trip.  Well, not really choices, because I have to probably use both, but here’s where I am:

Facebook – I have lots more “followers” and an unlimited posting ability through Facebook.  I’ve used it for years and also posted to it through my phone (via the email posting thingy).  That doesn’t mean I am competent with it and I still don’t use the mobile app (we’ll get to that), but it’s been my social medium of first resort for a while.

A drawback is that it’s insular.  Facebook (at least on the desktop) doesn’t include natural links out to other social sites.  There may be an app for that, but I don’t know of it (we’ll get to that).

Twitter – I have a rough time with this social tool.  First, I don’t have much to tweet (until now) and second, I write in real words.  That means 140 characters is a near impossible limitation (especially considering hashtags and picture links count against the total – who thought up that idea?).

I don’t relish the idea of learning a new language (twitterese? tweetish?), simply to type things like “U R not making ¢.”  Spanish, I’ll learn.  Whatever that other stuff is…not so interested.

Now, I have found a way for Twitter posts to pop up on my Facebook pages, so that would certainly save a lot of time.  And the 140 character limit would definitely put a cap on my loquaciousness.  But, I’ve no experience with Twitter from my phone and don’t know if it’s as (relatively) simple to upload pics as I take them compared to Facebook.

About that phone.  I am an Appless Apple man.  After six years with an iPhone, I have (I think) about 4 apps (five, if you count a solitaire game I only used in airports).  There’s a number of reasons why, but the two most salient are usefulness and space.

I use my phone for phone calls.  I know, crazy man.  Also, I browse stuff on the internet and check my (few) emails.  None of those actions require apps.  I have an iPhone 5C.  The screen is small.  I don’t see any value looking at videos or playing games on a tiny screen (especially after a lifetime of large computer monitors and big screen TVs).

So, I have few apps (ironically, the other apps are all for listening to stuff…go figure).  That means I have a lot of space on the phone, despite a 1,000 song playlist.  Just recently, I was with two people who could not add a new app or take new pictures on their phones until they went through the laborious process of deleting photos (as opposed to unused apps).  I don’t want to be that person.

That means, I would prefer to pick one or the other social media platform and only add that app.  I guess the logical solution would be to look up each app and determine which best fits my needs.  Finding the best fit is going to be an interesting development for this social media misfit.

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