Which peeves you more?


peevedHold it right there! You are not allowed to participate in this survey or answer the above question unless you fulfill the following TWO requirements.

Failure to answer yes to either prerequisite disqualifies you from the question and, frankly, perhaps the whole blog post.

  1. You are an active reader at home
  2. You are an active watcher of movies at home

Those of you who answered yes to both statements may proceed. If you answered no to either (or both), you may proceed, but your vote will be considered incomplete, if not entirely invalid.

The question in the title pertains to the entertainment media above and came to me as I’ve been rebooting my reading to get back, ultimately, to writing (and other creative pursuits).

Since I’ve re-engaged cable TV and still retain streaming options, I’ve been able to expand my movie watching. I’ll exclude regular TV viewing from this survey as interruptions are part of the broadcast experience.

So, then, on point: Which peeves you more, being disturbed while watching a movie or being disturbed while reading a book?

Both have “pause” buttons, after a fashion and both have “rewind”, after a fashion. Both may be enjoyed a second and additional times. Both require a substantial commitment of time.

I’ve had plenty of renewed exposure to the phone call that seems to always come at a particularly significant moment in a film (I should track that and start movies earlier or later, perhaps).

Some people may be able to ignore their phones (or doors or whatever is causing the disturbance). I’m not one of them.

If it’s a recorded or on demand movie, no worries (though still aggravating). “Live” movies generate a faster pulse and even an exclamation out loud when the disturbance arrives.

My recent experience with reading is just as diabolical. Because I’m more inclined to read at all times of the day, there seem to be even more distractions and interruptions than with movie watching.

Additionally, I tend to immerse more in a book than I do in a movie. Paradoxically, it’s the lack of sight and sound that seems to involve my mind more, forcing me deeper into my imagination to provide the depth and color of the story I’m reading.

I’m currently finding the interruptions of my reading more annoying than those of my movie viewing. That’s where my peeve rests.

Now, interruptions in a movie theater fall into a whole other class…don’t get me started down that path.

3 Responses to “Which peeves you more?”

    • JMD

      Interesting. Do you read more fiction or non-fiction? I would think the latter would not be subject as much to the peeving concept.

  1. Abbe Few

    Being interrupted while reading. I find it easier to pause the movie than to stop reading.


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