Where should my travels take me?


Just a few days ago, I posted about month two of my year-long adventures in cooking new dishes each month.

Now, March is upon me and I don’t want to wait until the last day of the month to accomplish my goal, so I need to begin considering what next I might want to try making myself.

I am also going to try to accept my niece’s challenge by ensuring each recipe represents food from a different cuisine and possibly a different country.

There are a few guidelines to my travels:

– It has to be a dish I like. Duh, but I’m sure to get suggestions for stuff that I just don’t care for. Sorry, I’m not a master chef, I’m a guy that likes what he likes.

– It can’t be baking. Nope, I’m having enough trouble getting those last five pounds off and I don’t need me cooking up an entire desert for me alone to eat (considering the size of the recipes in my first two months, I definitely don’t want to be baking).

– It must be cooked. Yeah, cooked. No sushi, no ceviche, no rabbit food.

Okay, with parameters set, what possibilities are there? Off the top of my head:

Eggplant Parmesan  – offering my first opportunity to actually buy an eggplant

Sweet & Sour Pork – a chance to get this somewhere other than the corner hole-in-the-wall Chinese place

Thai Orange Duck – first opportunity to buy a duck (as if I know where to buy one) and some fun with one of my favorite spices, curry

Fried Catfish – outside of shrimp, I don’t cook seafood at home, but if I chose this I would also get the chance to make hushpuppies!

Beef Brewat Rolls – the only place I’ve ever heard of (and eaten) these is at Epcot Morocco. I instantly fell in love with the combination of spicy beef inside a roll topped with powdered sugar.

I just noticed that’s five different foods in my first five ideas. That’s a good start to an adventure!

With most of March remaining, I can’t say whether it’s going to be one of those above that I try for this month. It might also be something that totally slipped my mind that I remember in a “D’oh!” moment.

Or it could be a suggestion from one of my many (er, few) loyal readers. Something preferably with some zing to it would be nice. Any ideas where my travels should take me next?

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