When worlds collide


Notwithstanding the (still unproven) culinary misadventures from last week, it’s a new month and that means a new recipe to try out.

The month of May provides a special treat, in that it is also birthday BBQ month. So, I thought I would try combining the two to make one impressive and sumptuously logical dish for May:  Chili!

Normally, I would plod through the internet food sites for a recipe or two that I might combine to make my own, but this time I’m going to first try a new twist on the idea, by putting up an additional post on my Facebook page soliciting recipes from my Facebook friends.

While not everyone likes chili and only a subset of those make chili, I’m betting I have at least a couple of Facebookians who have made their own and maybe one of those actually has a recipe (as opposed to doing it from feel, as I do my BBQ rib rub).

Absent that, I will go the tried and true route over the internet and then test the whole thing before the big shindig to make sure I don’t kill everyone (or, at the very least, burn out their stomach linings).

While my younger niece rarely shows up for these events, since she works weekends, I will also check out a non-meat version (ugh), since she’s a vegetarian (ugh).

And if any of you non-Facebook blog peeps want to send me a recipe, feel free to contact me directly via the email on the site. I don’t think my blog allows for attachments, but what do I know, I’ve only been running it for eight years.

New recipe and new birthday…something’s gotta give!

2 Responses to “When worlds collide”

    • JMD

      I’ve never had chili without beans. I don’t believe it should be called chili without beans. This is my world view.

      The Surgeon General warns that suggestions against my world view will, at the least, be ignored and possibly result in harmful sarcastic comments.


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