When good ideas meet bad policy


So. You remember me getting all excited about Halloween, right? And then I started getting the front of the house prepared. Still with me? Welp, about halfway through that landscaping, I realized I should be paying someone to do it instead. Here’s what happens when good ideas meet bad policy.

Once you get into the flow

Yeah, so I started working on the front landscaping. It’s a brutal jungle of rocks,  bromeliads, some odd plants and trees.

I managed to struggle my way through about half of it, nearly killing myself in the process.

Get someone else to do it!

Okay, maybe that’s a tad melodramatic, but I took a beating. Here’s the tale for you to refresh yourself on.

So, let’s submit the request already

Yup, maintenance request away!

A week passes, no reply. I follow-up with the management company rep (being on the board has knowledge perks). She gives me a vague reply.

Several days later, I get an email with an Architectural Committee form. I just want some plants removed, lady, not to redo my home.

That’s what you think

I contact the management company rep again. She tells me any change in or around the home needs to submit the form and then wait for ARC approval. (Being on the board has no benefits)

It takes me very little time to recognize this is a foolish rule. I bite back snarkiness (do I need to submit an ARC form to remove weeds from my yard?) and ignore the email.

When good ideas meet bad policy

So, this morning, I went outside and did the whole thing myself.

In order to do so, I stopped off at Lowe’s yesterday and got three items: A large container of plant killer (for the roots), a long hoe and a machete.

1½ hours later, I had everything done but the Jatropha tree. That may require a new tool – an electric saw, so it’s on the back burner.

Yes, I would have preferred paying someone else to do this work. Yes, that machete action was exhausting. But, I still have all my fingers and limbs, so I feel pretty successful.

Tonight is an HOA budget meeting. I will be resigning my post at that time. No forms required.

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