What’s wrong with this picture?


book meter 9-16Several weeks ago, I came up with this silly “tracking” feature to keep all of you apprised of my progress on the final book in the trilogy.

Using pages as a measure would be pointless, since my first book started at 100 pages ballooned to over 300 and then settled at 240 pages.  This book is following a similar track, making pages a poor barometer.

I ultimately decided on chapters, since I had fairly well defined the entire book and laid out the plot carefully.  Thus, the tracking methodology was created to offer an “accurate” picture of how close the book was to being finished.

Not long ago, it became apparent that the book was expanding.  Not so much the plot, but the exposition.  That either required larger chapters or adding more chapters to the original estimate.  I like keeping the chapters “bite-size” and flowing, so I opted for adding more chapters.

Of course, this has the effect of actually “regressing” my book progress, at least as measured by the graph.  As I said when I published the first one, the “book meter” is an inexact tool, at best.  Consider it a “guesstimate” of where I am in the book.

For those of you who like the bottom line, here it is (appropriately at the bottom line):

I am making good progress on “What Now?” and still plan on it being ready by year-end.

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  1. Arlene Danels

    Looking forward to your new book. I’m reading the book you recommended (Unbroken) and loving it.


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