What’s in my wallet?


walletRight now, nothing.

A little over five years ago, I embarked on a remodeling/facelift of the inside of my home.  After several estimates, I settled on a contractor and the work began during my Christmas vacation in Vegas and finished about three months later.

During the time they were working, the contractor and a few of his workers wanted to know if they could take off some time and visit their family in Venezuela for a big get-together.  Of course I had no problem with it.

Upon returning, the contractor gave me a gift, a wallet made from a local animal called a capybara.  I accepted the gift with a little embarrassment and some curiosity.  I hoped this wasn’t some nearly extinct rare creature.

Turns out it wasn’t, though less common than cows (leather).  To imagine the capybara, think of a four-foot long, 100 pound squirrel.  Or, perhaps more accurately, a four-foot long, 100 pound rat (since the capybara is in the rodent class).  Please note the picture included for potential uses around the home for a capybara.

The wallet lining finally wore out recently and I retired the poor thing.  I did not throw it out, though, since I still had a twinge of guilt over the furry guy going to his maker so his hide could carry around dead presidents and bad motor vehicle id pictures.

I’ve since returned to cheap, possibly imitation leather wallets and, while grateful for the gift, hope no other friends or workers think to similarly grace me in the future.  I may not care for rats personally, but I would feel like one if I was the reason one of these friendly looking guys met his end.

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