What’s so terrible about the two’s?


GE DIGITAL CAMERAI had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with my friend and her 2-year old at the Renaissance Festival this past weekend.  It was a blowy day, but cool without crossing over to cold.

The young lad had this most cool “leash” on him (the monkey you see on his back).  It was plush and had a pocket to store his bottle.  It was also a source of great interest to all the people we passed.

He walked the entire festival from end to end (and a goodly distance it was), only occasionally needing a slight tug to redirect his wandering feet (especially targeted to bring him into sand patches…fun!).  There were no fits, crying jags, screams or tantrums.  After the show, we stopped over at his grandparents and spent another fun few hours.

I have always had a good time with children and animals, it’s only adults I can’t figure out.  Perhaps it’s because both young kids and animals are simple in their wants and needs and thus simple in their happiness.  Once you get a little maturity in you…

I’ve found that the “terrible two’s” are only terrible because you haven’t reached the “frustrating five’s” or the “aggravating adolescents” or the “trying teens”.  In other words, everything is toughest until the next tough thing.  Kids are a handful of joy and effort (okay, sometimes two handfuls).

In my experience, it’s the 5-7 years-old period that’s most challenging.  More from boys than girls, but still, once the kids get an understanding of manipulation, prior to their full understanding of right and wrong, watch out!  They are both Oscar-winning actors and devilishly sly plotters.  Yet still their needs and wants are fairly simple (if a bit more expensive).

Compared to that, what’s a little tantrum now and then?  Of course, I might sing a different tune if I was a regular and not just a guest star with the little tykes.  But, to my mind, there’s not so much terrible in the two’s.

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  1. Courtney Lesser

    Uh oh… Now I know what’s ahead…but I think the year between 1 and 2 were the worst so far. Sterling already knows how to manipulate us and has for a while but we try to circumvent his manipulative plans since we can use foresight to our advantage as analytical adults…we can think a few steps ahead of him…at least for a little while longer :p


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