What’s so scary about impeachment?

What's so scary about impeachment? A lot of us have been impeached in our lives, myself, several times. It's called being fired.

I see the hyperventilating – from everyone – about the concept of impeachment. I’ve got to ask, what’s so scary about impeachment. I’ve been impeached more than once in my own life. For us regular peeps, it’s a firing.

Rules rule, baby

Every job I’ve worked has had rules. Break the rules and you are in for punishment.

Sometimes, it’s pretty simple. A lecture or extra work. Occasionally, it’s a little more. Maybe a write-up or demotion.

Generally, most people never do anything on the job rises to impeachment level.

So it is written

But there are rules within the company you work and then there are laws. These laws often apply to every company. And, you know, life.

I mean, the founding fathers rode horses and buggies, so they didn’t have to deal with speed limits. But we know what they mean, even if many of us pretend not to.

So, increasing your speed above the legal limit is against the law. Most people depend on the police having a “forgiveness range” (I think the number is around 10 mph above).

Still, the police can stop you and ticket you for any speed over the limit. It’s the law. Most of us recognize this and sigh in resignation. Some people actually get indignant (“Why aren’t you catching real criminals”). That’s dumb. Just own it, pay the fine and move on.

Can’t impeach a person doing a good job

The current refrain from Trump, in between claims the whole thing is bogus, is how can you impeach someone doing such a good job.

I’ll not debate the qualitative measure of his work in the job. You can make a case for and against. But, let’s examine that statement to show how wrong it is.

I can be doing the most amazing job in my company, a real star. If I’m doing illegal drugs in the break room, I’m getting impeached…er…fired.

I can have the most efficient retail store in the district with the highest sales in the country. If I take money from the registers, I’m getting impeached…er…fired.

Basically, for us regular peeps, we are getting fired for committing a crime, no matter how great we’re doing in our job.

Because of a goofy opinion (not law) from the Department of Justice some 40 years ago, it is presumed presidents cannot be prosecuted for a crime while in office (think Monopoly Get Out of Jail card).

So, that’s where impeachment comes in.

What’s so scary about impeachment

Trump should know this. He sat in his “reality” TV show and impeached…er…fired people for less than crimes.

Now, take a look at what he’s currently accused of and you can see they are actually written in the original Constitution. The thing traditional conservative Republicans swear needs defending (see their arguments on guns and abortion).

Asking a foreign power for help in an election? Crime. Making profit off his office beyond his salary? Crime. Not crimes of law, but high crimes and misdemeanors. The stuff of political betrayal of trust.

During my working years, I saw a few people get impeached…er…fired for failing to abide by the code of conduct. Not crimes of law, but rules and regulations within the organization.

That’s enough. There are more, but those two are ones the founding fathers specifically added to protect our country from abuse of power by the office of the president.

If it were you or me, we would already have been impeached…er…fired. As it is, the process, like most things in government, takes ever so long to get to the end.

Maybe that’s the real point. What’s so scary about impeachment? It’s probably that it takes too long to get to, “You’re fired!”