What’s next to be sacrificed to change headlines?


I’ve happily stayed away from political posts in general and Trump, specifically, for quite a while. No real need, since the headlines were taking care of that already. But, this last action, sadly, prompts me to return to the distasteful subject. I now ask “What’s next to be sacrificed to change headlines?”

It’s been a bad month

A lot of news has been coming out around Trump, his administration and his businesses. But, very little of it has been good.

The special counsel investigation only seems to be intensifying. And, other state investigations are uncovering even more damaging information.

The administration has suffered additional humiliating departures, with Ryan Zinke leaving in shame and John Kelly marginalized out the door. And, no one seemed to want to apply for the job openings.

Plus, the stock market that Trump regularly takes credit for (when it goes up), is in the worst December since the Great Depression. So, this one actually affects me directly – right in my wallet.


Compounding his issues, Trump and his performing seal, Rudy Giuliani, regularly go on Twitter to dispense nonsensical or erroneous information.

How can I label it that? Because they end up changing or reversing their comments soon after, sometimes even the same day!

And now, through Twitter, Trump announced the total withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria, declaring ISIS “defeated”.

All alone in the world

Problem is, no one in the world believes that. Well, no one except Rand Paul (see Trump primary comments about Paul).

And no one in the world is happy with the decision. Well, except for Iran, Turkey, ISIS and the beloved Vladimir Putin, who now has free reign to enter the region (despite a Trump tweet that claims Russia is a “local” – you can’t even see Russia on the map above).

There does not appear to be any evidence that Trump consulted anyone in his cabinet, his military, his allies or his Ouija board. Trump seems to have made this move impulsively.

I think not.

It’s what we’re all talking about

Because, Trump has done this before. Things look bleak, headlines go south and he says something outrageous.

Recently, his outrageous tweets and comments haven’t been putting a dent in the headlines, so I think he felt it was time for something bold…and horribly selfish.

Selfish? You bet, the ultimate. Trump is trading our national security (and his sworn duty) to chase some unflattering headlines off the front pages of newspapers he claims he doesn’t read and news stations he claims he doesn’t watch.

There is no rational basis for bringing these troops back now. They are training Kurdish forces to be capable in defending the victories achieved against ISIS. They exist as a buffer and a warning to Syria, Iran and Russia against illegal aggression.

Want to bring back some troops? How about the 5,000 stationed on the border for the “caravan”. Think for a moment: 2,200 troops combating ISIS or 5,000 standing around in “support” of the well-staffed border patrol. Which troops best serve America’s interest in missing Christmas with their family?

What’s next to be sacrificed to change headlines

I know the Trump believers out there want to cling to the narrative that everything negative about Trump is made up. Because it’s all a plot to get rid of the duly elected leader of America.

I could argue against several points in that last sentence, but let me leave it up to you. You have seen or heard the facts (or you can, if you choose to explore the issue). I’m not going to tell you what to think.

I’m only going to ask you a question. This is what Trump does to get people to talk about something other than the potential criminal entanglements around him and his administration. So, what’s next to be sacrificed to change headlines?

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    • JMD

      I’ll have you know that the software updates automatically and checks itself daily. I would lay more on “user error”. There are probably numerous switches I could flip in the settings.

      I may look into that one day…when all the fish are out of the barrel.


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