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As promised, I just finished with edible brainstorming. Despite what it reads like, that does not mean I participated in a zombie apocalypse. It refers to my establishing some choices for the next Cooking Challenge. So now, here’s my list of what’s cooking in 2019.

Bringing home the basics

For the most part, my eating out is restricted to my Dad and Stepmom and the occasional friend. The bulk of those trips are with the former pair.

Both in their upper 80’s, there are predictable patterns of eating establishments: deli, diner and Italian. Because of that, my exposure to new menu ideas is limited.

Still, even that small sample size provides me with new cooking opportunities.

The classics

Still, there are plenty of “old standby’s” on the list of what’s cooking in 2019. Here’s a few of them, right off the top…

Beef brisket (preparation style to be determined)

Stuffed peppers (I was going to try this last year)

Shepherd’s pie (two of my favorites combined into one)

Beef stew (but without a crockpot!)

Fried chicken (I like it crispy…hope I can make that happen)

Yes, it’s hard to imagine someone not having cooked any of those in nearly 60 years (well, okay, Mom probably wouldn’t let me in the kitchen before double digits). Should be tasty fun!

Not the pop rock group

Though a visit to Asia is always a way to get new cooking ideas, I actually have to limit myself or I would spend all 12 months simply cooking oriental food.

But, two biggies on the list for this year…

Chicken chop Suey (why do they only sell Chow Mein in restaurants?)

Kung Pao Shrimp (or Tso’s or Szechuan or Korean – just make it spicy!)

Yeah, there are more I want to try. We’ll see how the year plots out.

‘Tis the Seasons

As mentioned above, when me, my Dad and my Stepmom go out, it’s fairly redundant. Every now and then, the niecelings join and a subtle shift of locale is made.

One place I find rather meh that the girls love is called Seasons 52. It’s another of those what I used to call “yuppie” places – trendy, odd and mostly unappealing menus.

They do have something which I order frequently and is something I want to try for myself…

Crab stuffed mushrooms

I foresee many problems with this concept. First, cooking mushrooms is fairly simple. Cleaning them is a pain. Second, crab meat. I need to figure out who would be the wisest to buy my crab from.

If I can overcome that resistance, these will be on my what’s cooking for 2019 list.

Side-splitting ideas

But, beyond just main courses, there are some side dishes that I’d like to give a go.

Hush puppies (so rarely offered anymore)

what's cooking for 2019
Spud Month!

Creamed spinach (so sue me, I like the stuff)

Depending on the difficulty of the recipes, I might turn this into something like my “Spud Month”, from last year.

What’s cooking for 2019

Yes, I can hear you clucking. That doesn’t add up to 12. It’s only ten items for my what’s cooking for 2019 list. Nine, if the sides combine to one month.

Well, there are a few more items, such as seafood fra diavolo, that don’t fit under any category. Plus, I probably should leave space open for future brainstorms of stuff I love to eat.

I think there’s enough, though, to kick off my Cooking Challenge in January. Only future blog posts will prove if that is true. Stay hungry, my friends!

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