What will you be doing on November 8th?


what-will-you-be-doing-november-8thGolly! Less than two weeks until all those annoying political ads disappear from our airwaves. Less than two weeks until the recycle truck workers and postal carriers can sigh in relief from thousands of tons of those annoying political mailers stopping.

So, then, what will you be doing on November 8th?

A good many of you have already voted, using either absentee ballots or early voting to avoid the crush of the “official” voting day. Some of the rest of you will still take advantage of that in the next 10 days.

For me, I enjoy going out early to the polls on election day and kibitzing with my fellow Americans in line. Admittedly, at the time I go (around 7:30 am), the line doesn’t even crack a hundred, but it still gives me opportunity to banter.

It also helps that my local voting place is the school four houses down from me. I do have to walk all the way around to the front of the school, making it more like a half-mile walk, but it’s still a stress-free to and fro.

I’m also fortunate in that I don’t have to work the next day. I’ve been thinking about what I will do that day and my plan goes something like this:

  1. Do my 4-mile walk
  2. Stop back at the house for a bottle of water
  3. Plod over to the voting place
  4. Vote (and get my sticker)
  5. Plod home
  6. Shower (and transfer my sticker to my new clothes)
  7. Catch an early showing of Dr. Strange (my favorite Marvel character)
  8. It’ll be Tuesday, so head over to Tijuana Flats for Taco Tuesday (yes, it’s not just in The Lego Movie)
  9. Plop in front of the TV and watch talking heads until my eyes close

Whenever I wake up on Wednesday, I will breathe the fresh air, do a quick check online to see who won (if I fell asleep before then) and put this whole horrible year and a half behind me, hopeful that whoever wins finds some way to get us all to like each other again.

That’s my plan; what will you be doing on November 8th?

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