What have I got against blondes?


“Quirk week” ends, of course, with a quirky finish on a quirky day.  Now, read on…

If you’re looking for a bevy of blonde jokes here, you’ll have to scrounge around the web further.  Today we’re going to discuss my odd claim that I am one gentleman that does not prefer blondes.

I would say, going back to the point when such things actually began to matter to boys, I always had a preference for raven haired girls (and then women…let’s keep it clean here).  That said, I can’t explain my perceived greater attraction to darker haired ladies.  In fact, by the time we’re through here, you might not believe me!

Before we start, let’s set aside all the silly clichés.  I don’t subscribe to the theory that blondes have more fun any more than I buy into the dumb blonde label.  It’s merely a hair color at birth (or later, by choice).

And I have had a fabulous collection of blonde women involved in my life.  My Mom was blonde and you need only read the many tributes to her in this blog to know how much I love and admire her.

My sister is a blonde.  Heck, for a short time, even I was (sure, they called it “dirty blonde” back then, but it counts!).  On of the smartest people I ever hired was blonde and she quickly became indispensible.  When I first moved into an analyst’s role in my first job out of college, my boss was blonde.  I became good friends with all of them (even my sister and who would have ever guessed that back then?).

My last two girlfriends were blonde.  Yeah, this is the part where it gets totally inexplicable.  Now granted, by definition, having two girlfriends suggests at least one of them didn’t work out (in fact, both), but I feel secure that their hair color  was not the reason (as a gentleman, always, I take full responsibility for those relationships ending).

So, you must be asking by now (presuming you’re still reading this), where exactly is there any evidence that I like brunettes at all?

My beloved Grandma, of whom you will also read many references here, was black-haired.  So is my Step-mom.  And my best friend is blessed with long, flowing black hair.  Role models and strong women, but hardly sources of physical attraction.

I can’t actually find any support to my contention that I prefer and find more alluring a woman who sports dark hair.  Despite that lack, I remain firm in my preference and hope that my next fun-filled adventure with the fairer sex will be with someone who has hair as black as night.

For some reason, though, I expect she will be a blonde, again.  Based on my past, it looks like I’ve got nothing against that at all.

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