What happened to small lemons?


Jeepers!  With my tennis mornings and poker nights falling on the same days, I have been squeezed to get my blogs done daily (as some of you have no doubt seen with my irregular publishing schedule).

My intention was to start earlier on those days (Tuesdays and Thursdays) to make sure something got posted every day.  Despite an unexpected (but enjoyable) lunch with my niece (and brief visit with my Dad), I am still committed to getting something up today, lightweight though it may be!

My enjoyment of cooking (mentioned frequently in these blogs) is often enhanced by small “discoveries” of taste that have been known by almost every other cook in the world (other than me).

One of my favorite delights is the lemon.  It’s a sassy and vibrant accent to so many foods.  Well known for splashing on fish or mixing in either sauce or coating on chicken, my most recent explorations have been with different vegetables.

Lemon provides a particularly zesty highlight on green vegetables.  To date, I haven’t found a green veggie that has not been “improved” with a little lemon splash after steaming/sauteing/baking.

The challenge I have come to face with lemons recently is that they are just too darn large.  I went out and searched and found a terrific lemon squeezer (not to be confused with a juicer) but have been frustrated by these mutant lemons now being sold on the market.

I get it that the mass merchandise-plus-food places such as Wal-Mart are just going to get the bulk, maybe “C” grade, produce (I found out all about grades of produce during a bowling league years ago…but that’s another post entirely), but the food stores are selling the “super” lemons too.  Even my favorite fresh market had oversized lemons last time out.

What are they feeding these things?  When I was young, I lived in a house with fruit trees out back (the blessings of Florida).  We had an orange tree, a grapefruit tree, a banana tree, a kumquat tree and a lemon tree (we also had coconut palms, but that, too is another tale).  Our lemons were nice, egg-shaped, bright yellow and easily fit in the palm of your hand.

These new monster lemons are getting silly.  There were some I could swear were almost potato size!  There’s no way any of these things will fit in a squeezer.

I suppose I can get a net or use a juicer and pour from the cup, but, come on, what’s up with these humongous lemons?

I’ll make one last trip to my fresh market this week before I give up all hope at ever seeing the small lemons of my youth.  Perhaps the market will have them once again.

That would be sweet!

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  1. Nathan

    We cant grow small lemons. They only come out like a footbal haha. They’re huge


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