What do you plan to watch this summer?


moviesYesterday, I got treated to the new Star Trek movie.  It was the sequel to the remake of the reboot.  I enjoyed it on one level and was “meh” on another.

The one-liners, back references and “winks” to old-timers was cute and kept me engaged.  The rehash of a plotline from 45 years ago…not so much.  As odd as it felt to watch the first movie with a new group of actors in the same roles (much different from Star Trek the Next Generation, since those were entirely new characters and time), I was okay with the first movie in that it was entirely new, both in plot and development.  Instead of building on that, I feel the current movie backtracked some.

Sitting through the half-dozen or so trailers before the movie, I began to consider what movies appeared interesting enough to spend $9-$12 on (depending on show time).  I found few that stirred my blood, but then the types of trailers you get at a movie like Star Trek all encompass one basic element:  they are big screen blockbusters, mostly F/X laden movies (animated or live action).  A lot of these are pretty lame, but can still seduce me into the theater.

I have two groups of movie goers I see movies with.  My nieces and a couple of other friends like those summer noisy films (no surprise, given the age range from 20-30 years younger than me).  Some other friends break up into more traditional drama and suspense movies, of which there are a dearth during the summer movie months.

There are a few actors I avoid and generally won’t spend for the sophomoric humor movies (I can wait for cable on those; they don’t need a 70 foot screen), but I’m pretty easy on just about any other category.  I’ll probably see at least one more superhero movie (maybe Man of Steel, although the last Superman movie was irremediably bad) and then let my movie companions drive the rest of my choices.  I’ve already got a few requests from my niece and I expect, as the sample broadens, my older friends will pipe in.

I’ll check back from time to time with my big screen adventures, just to stir the pot.  In the meantime, any recommendations from you will be considered and discussed with my viewing “family”.  What do you plan to watch this summer?


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