What are you prepared to do?


Waitaminute! Isn’t this post three days late? What happened to Friday? I’m lazy? Well, also, I want to hit the right note for the finale. So, read on for the end to “Creative Week”. A post I affectionately title, “What are you prepared to do?”

Time to let you in on a little secret: this “theme” isn’t just a space filler. There is a motivating factor in all this virtual ink.

For a few months now, I’ve been helping some independent game developers with some proofreading and light editing. Nothing exceptional, just cleaning up after them.

But, being in the “guts” of all these computer assets got me interested. Both in their art and in their writing. Though, not in game development, thank you.

So, you can see why the question is now, “What are you prepared to do about it?” To that end, it’s time to share my thoughts.


I see three potential areas to move forward in:

Old School

Me and my trusty sketch pad have done just fine through the years. It’s simple, portable and an area I am comfortable with. I know the techniques and it has no limitations. There is only one drawback – it will not stretch me beyond my comfort zone.

New Age

Then, there is the “stuff” that I’ve been exposed to recently. I find it intriguing, if a bit daunting. 3D art (or “modeling”) will certainly stretch my skills. I wonder at my frustration level, though. Being able to realize anything I can imagine is easy on a sketch pad. I’m dubious I can effect the same success on a computer.

The last time I ventured into computer art was when I had a Commodore Amiga. I’ll let you Google it to find out how long ago that was.

Splitting the difference

The road not as less-traveled as 3D modeling is a drawing tablet. This allows me to employ my hand drawing skills while accessing the advancements in computer graphics available today.

Again, I think my abilities would be challenged. Things I used to do with shading, I would now have to consider how color would generate those effects. The last time I used color to any great extent was…yep, you guessed it, the ol’ Amiga.

Interestingly, quite a few 3D modeling studios (software) are available for free, while the tablets are straight-on purchases. Curious. Of course, the 3D softwares catch you by making you buy all sorts of add-on accessories, but I could make my test venture for practically nothing.

Now, whether my computer can handle 3D modeling is a question. My desktop is coming up on 4 years old. Since computers tend to age in dog years, mine’s pretty old. Plus, the graphics card is certainly sub-standard for today’s demanding 3D needs.

I might be able to sneak by on the drawing tablet, but I would probably have to sink some serious investment to competently play around in 3D art. It comes back to “what are you prepared to do?”


Then, of course, there’s my old pal. Writing. As this blog attests, I surely can put words to paper. Plus, it’s not like there’s any monetary investment needed. Word is generally capable for any writing project.

Still, let’s see if I can break this down into three subgroups, too.

Back on the Wagon

What, again?

Remember all those writing projects I talked about here? I have all of them stored safely in folders on my computer. At any time I can pull out one of them and continue where I left off. Or, start a new story altogether.

The most likely would be the continuation of Jeremy Shuttle Adventures. I’ve actually plotted that out the farthest of any of my other ideas. Certainly be easier than starting something new.

The drawback? Well, it’s been sitting there for months and I’ve not done anything new to it. Lack of inspiration or just laziness? Hmm.

Bold New Worlds

I’ve been contacted by some of these indie game devs about whether I would consider ghost writing or even full-on scripting.

I haven’t done a collaborative writing project in 15 years. That time, it was a script project for a possible movie. It was imaginatively fun, but creatively challenging. When visions don’t match up, do you cede ground or stand it?

Most of these games are tiny, independent ideas that likely will never see legitimate exposure. I suppose some could use the new forms of development, like Patreon and such, but is that where I would want to spend my writing time?

The easy out

Of course, I could just safely sit here and do my blog. No deadlines. No blowback if I miss a day or produce some low-quality crap.

And no stretching of my horizons, either. Maybe I could explore some links or animated gifs, but, really, it would likely look lazy and unprofessional. Best to stick with lots of verbiage and a few jpgs.

The first two are definitely challenges. They would be, in effect, “work”. I just don’t know how my comfortably stress-free life would deal with that. Again, the “what are you prepared to do” question is relevant.

So, in conclusion…beats me. In the background, as I type this, an installer is putting one of those free 3D studios into my hard drive. I have no idea whether I can (or should) try anything on my old graphics card, but it’s there for me to at least look at.

As for the writing, I did blow the dust off my What More? pages. They really don’t look that bad, though now I have totally new ideas about it. Hmm, is that a flicker of interest in my creative mind?

Staring at the now-finished install manager, I’m asking myself, Art or Writing? What are you prepared to do?


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