What a difference an hour makes


what a differenceFinally, a hole in the weather after a week’s worth of unprecedented torrential rains.

“Unprecedented”? In December; in South Florida? You betcha!

The skies remained mean and the forecast grim, but I intended to “cheat” Mom Nature as much as I could by squeezing in whatever mileage I could get after being knocked off my walking schedule for a week.

Problem was, I had to delay an hour later than usual to allow the temperatures to thaw out a bit.

For you latecomers, here is a primer on this particular native South Floridian’s temperature levels: Below 80 is cool. Below 77 is cold. Below 70 is calamity.

This morning, at my usual departure time of 6 am, it was 66.

66!!! What unholy force created such an abomination!

So, about an hour later, with the temperature barely above a shivering 70, I went out for my walk.


In that hour, the world woke up. Traffic was everywhere, even on the side streets. It’s truly amazing how loud that is compared to those empty early morning streets.

Plus, by that time, the delivery trucks and school buses were out in force, filling the air with diesel fumes that hung and wafted to my keenly sensitive nose (I can smell a cigarette at a hundred yards).

What a difference from the clean smelling, peacefully quiet walks of just an hour earlier.

Oh well, I guess I’ll rummage through the closet and break out the winter coat so I can go back to my regular time (or maybe my thermal underwear).

On the positive side, I just got a new mug and I can use this frigid weather to pick up some boxes of Swiss Miss to brew to take off the chill when I return from my walks.

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful…”

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