Well, gee, I had to do it anyway


mother-natureNow that Mom Nature and I have reaffirmed our precious relationship, it’s time to review the visit of Hurricane Matthew as an opportunity, rather than a trial.

For example, Halloween fast approaches. Along with that spooky holiday is the scary process of hosting my Halloween BBQ.

While the cooking and setup can be wearying, it’s the pre-cleaning that causes me the most grief. Beyond my well-known distaste (revulsion) for cleaning, the patio offers none of the benefits of my interior home.

Being single, petless, reasonably neat and tidy gain little against an outdoor patio that receives rain, dirt, salt, dust and bugs. In other words, the world outside the glass doors.

Ah, but thanks to Br’er Matthew, I was forced to clean every piece of furniture, including the patio table tiles and frame.

Then, by likewise forcing me to remove everything but the BBQ, I was given the opportunity to scrub the patio tiles clean the morning after.

Now, I didn’t like doing any of this, but I like that I got “hoodwinked” into doing it by a fake storm alert. My party attendees will be the beneficiaries of Matthew’s tricky flight path.

Of course, now I also have to vacuum the interior of the house where I kept everything (even though I used a tarp) and the sliding glass doors need Windexing, but the major work has already been done.

All that is left for the BBQ patio setup is cleaning the folding chairs and tables, a matter of hour or so. That shortens my BBQ prep week cleaning immensely.

As much as I dislike both cleaning and hurricanes, the latter helped provide the opportunity to do the former over the last couple of days.

Which is all gravy, in a sense, as I had to do it anyway.

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