webmasterWe’re at one week and counting, so it’s time to pull out the remaining supplies and finish off the Halloween display. That means…webs!

I’ve decided on a different look for the front this year and it requires a new thought process on the webs to accent the show.

Instead of a whole front covered in webs, just some key areas will be webbed up this year. The graveyard, of course, for both natural effect and fog-trapping value (white web). The fence gang, to properly shroud them in spookiness (green web). And the south driveway side lights…the spider section, naturally (white or black web).

After finishing outside, I’ll begin laying out the interior, a much more modest display of spooky items in an otherwise benign indoors. My party’s primary focus is eating and talking, so I don’t go wild inside my home or back patio. Just random “cool” items that look good or do neato things (sound, lights or smoke).

My kitchen gets Halloween towels, oven mitts and pot holders. My bathrooms get Halloween soap dispensers, towels and tissues. My tables get Halloween tablecloths and, of course, we eat off Halloween plates with Halloween plasticware and wipe our mouths with Halloween napkins.

In my old days at work, I would put up the webs inside my office, forcing others to duck if they came in for meetings or questions. It sure cut down on the disturbances during the day!

For now, though, the webs stay outdoors. The weather forecast is mostly for wind and little rain (including a super nice day for Halloween), but this is Florida, which means by the time I press “publish” on this blog, it all will likely have changed.

Which is why I have a bag filled with bags of webs. Just in case the ones I put up tomorrow are on my neighbor’s trees next week.

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