All webbed up and nowhere to go


jmddotcomContinuing our “Tales from Limbo” during the period between finishing the books and having them all up for sale.

By this time, the website is finished, meaning there’s nothing left to do to the site.

Sure, there is an FAQ that’s a wee bit dated (does anyone even read those?) and the message board could use some livening up (which might be worth getting to as soon as there are any messages), but overall, the thing is done.

In fact, the website is now a bit ahead of itself.  I did not anticipate the late changes I made to What Now? when I gave the web designer the go ahead to proudly display the new book and adjust all the pages accordingly (changes to the Books page and Excerpt page, for example).  So the website boldly announces the release of a book that is not quite released yet (although, I think the paperback is truly for sale at both Amazon and Booklocker).

Still, when the books are available, there is nothing further to do on the website.  Outside of an occasional news item (those are handled by me) and the daily blog (an automated feed to the Home page takes care of those), the page will likely stay “as is” for a long time.  At least until I write another book (no predictions yet…several ideas jockeying for position).

Maybe when I get enough readers, there will be some action on the forum to give everyone a reason to check in on the site more frequently.  Until then, what you see on the web is what you get.

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