is such a stinker


weather stinksWith a flood movie debuting recently, this seems an appropriate topic

In all the time since I’ve taken up walking seriously (a period that exceeds five years now), I’ve never had a bad weather experience.

Until last week.

As previously stated, I live in the Sunshine State.  We get tons of sunshine and also a good deal of rain (sometimes both at once).  Having been born and grown up here, I can guesstimate the weather at least as good as, if not better than, most weather advisory services.

My uncanny weather sense (not nearly as marketable as a “spider sense”, thus I don’t expect any movie offers) let me down a couple of weeks ago.  Despite my conviction that the gray cover was going to rain, it did not and I passed up a walk for no reason.

So it was that last week, when I found myself second-guessing my belief that it was going to rain, I waffled and visited, the Weather Channel online site.  It adamantly stated there would be no rain for several hours (after noon) and implied I could take my walk safely.

Here’s a few things I found out in the last mile and a quarter of my walk in the downpour that followed:

– You get very heavy when your clothes are fully soaked with water

– Conversely, you start walking much quicker when you are being drowned standing up

– Despite thoroughly drenched shorts, the iPhone in my pocket continued to work splendidly

– Copious amounts of water pouring into your ears does not help the acoustics of your headphones

I suppose that was my punishment for weakly using the website in making my decision.  I returned to my weather sense this past weekend with excellent results.

My only regret is that I could not tell those curious drivers looking my way as they sped by that, yes, my Mom did teach me to come in when it’s raining.

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