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We’re back!

In point of fact, we’re all back, as I brought home Dad from the hospital (for good, we hope) this afternoon.

It’s been a banner week, as Dad was first cleared of all potential scary stuff, sent home from the hospital and I returned to find the huge tree overhanging my roof (not a good thing during hurricane season) being cut back after several weeks of asking.

Now things can get back to some sense of normalcy.  Sure, there will be support runs and chauffeuring for Dad, but with the fear factor removed, that will just be like visiting.

Tomorrow I will attempt to skip out to the beach in the morning and get some writing done.  Not surprisingly, I haven’t had the frame of mind to focus on light fantasy.  I wonder what established authors do when “real life” intrudes on them?

A funny byproduct of keeping the Dad situation reasonably close-to-the veil (not too many family or friends read my blog) is the interaction with an otherwise oblivious world that continues to turn, irrespective of my own personal crisis.

Just yesterday, I received an email from a friend who was looking for her cake plate back from my birthday barbecue a month ago.  She was cooking for the first time since then and noticed it was missing.  The incongruity of someone worrying over their plastic cake plate as I was worrying over my Dad’s life was a lot funnier knowing Dad was okay than it might have been, say, a few days prior.

It’s a reminder that regardless how involved or personal our immediate situations are, the world will still be there tomorrow.  Thankfully, so will Dad.

Now, let’s see if I can finish this darn book before it really is his time to go (a long time from now, thank you very much).

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