Was he not paying attention?


Let’s get the housekeeping out of the way, so we can begin an impartial discussion.

I don’t care for Donald Trump. I don’t care for his behavior in public. I don’t care for his rudeness towards anyone who doesn’t praise him. I don’t care for his lack of preparation and uninformed opinions. I don’t care for his demands for obsequiousness from those who work for him (including that creepy cabinet meeting). I don’t care for the fact that he ignores over half of the country while playing to his base.

All that out of the way, I now ask you to consider what his presidency has been like for the last five months (his only five months, so far). I don’t ask for or suggest pity, far from it, I only ask you to consider his situation.

He has the best job on the planet and he’s turned it into a nightmare…for himself, let alone the American people.

Decades of being the sole word and law on any decisions he made has left him woefully unprepared to deal with the reality that is a democracy. Three branches of government, none established more powerful than the other, though often the presidency can seem so.

It is only appearance, however, that seeming greater power. The president can make decisions, is most often representing the country abroad and is the nominal commander-in-chief.

But his word is not law. His word is second to the Constitution. And therein lies Mr. Trump’s frustration and fable-like thorn in his foot. You just can’t be the CEO of America. You certainly can’t be one for 40% of America.

But, if what’s most important is self-image and ego, then sure, you can “play to your base.” That’s a tactic where the president tweets and says things that are provocative, at best, and downright dishonest, at its lowest denominator.

Many of his staunchest supporters are willing to believe everything he says and disbelieve everything anyone else says (primarily critics of Mr. Trump). But, while people me be able to identify with the loud guy at the bar watching the football game, those are not credible qualifications to vote the guy into the presidency of the most powerful government on earth.

In the meantime, Mr. Trump suffers under an avalanche of criticism and agenda-freezing revelations. He rages at the free (mark that word) press. He rails at his staff. And at all times he tries to paint himself the victim, though he often incites much of this with his reckless tweeting.

I told friends during the campaign that Donald Trump only wants to win the presidency, he doesn’t actually want the job. Months into his job, he confirmed my theory for me by saying, in an interview, “This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.”

Was he not paying attention?

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