Want to save the economy? Get rid of YouTube!

end of the world


Oh no, is this another rant against technology?  Absolutely not!  I love technology.  Without technology, I wouldn’t be able to share all my other rants with you!  No, this is a serious discussion about the terminal impact YouTube is having on the economies of the world.  Before you snort in disbelief, read on!

I never considered the possibility, either.  Fact is, I rarely use YouTube, so it was beyond my comprehension it could be the true root of the malady that saps the strength from the job market and economic health across the globe.  It was all unwittingly that I unearthed this insidious infection, which makes the discovery even more chilling.

The breakthrough began with a small thing, as oft times the most stupendous of revelations begin.  I was having a conversation with a friend about cars and my steady relationship with my dealer.  He mentioned cleaning his headlights, a service I had done for a nominal fee at the dealer.  He suggested he could just go on YouTube and there would be a video to help him through the process.  Heck, he could run the thing on his smart phone and clean everything up right on his driveway.  Save a bundle from the dealer.  I mumbled something about the sacred trust of finding a good mechanic, but I couldn’t refute his claims to savings.

More facts came to light mere days later, in a discussion with a different friend.  He was talking about how he was helpless around the house on certain repairs, but he was always able to search out YouTube for some virtual “hands-on” instructions about how to fix plumbing or lighting or some such.  I mumbled something about the sacred trust of finding a good plumber or handyman, but he seemed not to hear.

As I felt the chill creep through my bones, awareness glared at me like a bright light turned on in a small dark room…the conclusion was blindingly obvious.  Here the governments of the world were spending millions (billions) to create jobs are thus revitalize their economies and YouTube was sneakily undermining every effort.  Like a surreptitious underground movement, YouTube was providing everyone with the knowledge, if not the skill, to do other people’s jobs!

Well, you can see what happens next.  No longer going to auto mechanics, repair shops and dealerships start going belly up.  Ignoring traditional plumbers and electricians for YouTube sponsored do-it-yourself videos, the service industry collapses.  Why go to restaurants when the YouTube videos show you how to make those amazing dishes at home for a fraction of the price?  Soon, millions more are out of work and even more millions (billions) have to be spent by the government.

And what next?  Videos on how to build cars?  Homes?  Delivering babies on the patio?  Enough, I say!  Save the economy now…get rid of YouTube before it gets rid of us!  I have a strategy that will help us get back our ability to ask others to do work for us.  As soon as I get the video uploaded, I’ll send you the link.


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