Walking through the creative process


walking-through-creative-processDo or do not; there is no try.

On a walk with a friend the other day, we witnessed a jogger going by and both of us agreed that was not for us.

Later, she asked me if I knew someplace close to her where she could buy a used bike. That led to other conversations about bike riding versus walking.

My answer has always been consistent on these types of questions: Exercise is the happy benefit of my walking, not the reason for it.

There is a curious process involved with creativity, at least for me. It takes no effort at all. That is to say, I cannot try to be creative, I must simply be creative.

At some point during my walks, there comes a moment where my brain stops trying and simply does.

I believe this is a part of everyone. A time where, as the mind stills and the conscious effort of thinking slows (or stops), the whimsical, hopeful, yearning or relaxed mind wanders into areas of pure creativity.

Depending on how far afield you allow it to travel, it may go no farther than a simple daydream or imagined wish-fulfillment. Given greater leash (or none at all), our imaginations can create whole canvases full of ideas, stories and creativity.

I remember my working life, sometimes all too well. My most useless imagining was that I had no time to simply stop. There was always “so much to do, so little time”.

It’s not true, of course. I see that now. Sadly, no one let me know this at the time, so let me tell you that you have that time.

It’s not a holiday or a weekend or even a day, but you don’t need that. You only need the time you need and a willingness to stop thinking. For a time.

I promise you that you will be astonished how creative your mind is already. You don’t need to work at it, you just have to use that time you don’t believe you have (but really do) and take a moment away from your world.

You will enjoy it. But you have to be willing.

Do or do not, there is no try.

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