Walking away from tennis


back to walkingYou may have noticed a dearth of blog posts recently.  While this may not have adversely affected your life, it is concerning to me.

I trace this back to my (relatively) recent return to tennis.  Since starting a regular schedule of M-W-F morning tennis, a number of things have fallen to the side, most notably my walking and my writing.

This is not a coincidence.  My walking was never really about health.  I would suggest that three days of two to two and a half hours of tennis generates more cardio impact than five days of one hour, four mile walks.

No, my walks were always more about loosening my mind and “scribbling” in my head.  I would come up with blog ideas while walking.  I would often “write” chapters while walking.  I haven’t written a non-blog paragraph in months…nearly matching exactly the time I began playing tennis frequently.

I quite enjoy playing tennis.  I get to rotate around with some great guys and share friendly and enlightening conversation afterwards.  I have no intention of stopping that activity.  But I do need to figure out how to get back in my writing saddle.

Maybe the solution is as simple as walking T-Th-Sa.  I’ll give this the first shot.  Perhaps forcing myself back out to the beach, regardless of the current state of my incomplete novels and the inconsiderate Florida weather is a better option.

All I know is I need to figure out some creative catalyst to get my imagination bubbling again.  Hopefully, it’s as simple as I need to walk away from tennis so I don’t have to walk away from tennis.

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