Wake up and smell the salt


beach bocaHuh.  Now I remember.

I wrote three chapters today.  I could have written the final one as well, but I wanted to “save” that for a day all its own (fitting that it would be a Friday…TGIF can also stand for Thank God it’s Finished!).

Instead, I saved the files to disk (old dog/new trick), shut down the computer and…sat quietly and watched the water.

Over the course of the three books, I have done almost all the writing at the beach.  While I came to recognize a major unintended benefit was the divorcing from all distractions in the house, the reason I chose to write there was the inspiration I draw from the sea.

Many of my most cherished memories are on, in or around the water.  Having a fascination for the sea is not unique, but I feel no less special for my own.  The power when you are out in the deeps or the waters are made angry by storms is awe-inspiring.  Yet just as moving is the quiet lapping of the waves, the inexorable creep of the tides, the gentle rolling of a still day.

Working feverishly these past few weeks, I had somehow lost sight of that.  Wrapped up in my “need” to finish, I forgot to take those moments of quiet to renew my mystical/spiritual/imaginative bond with the ocean.  Looking back, I can justly wonder whether some of my writing delays might have been tied to that neglected entrancement.

Tomorrow, I will no doubt finish.  Likely before the sun rises above the eastern cloud banks of the morning.  I plan on packing up the computer and spending a couple of hours getting reacquainted with my lifelong friend.  Only today did I remember what I was missing.

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