Wait’ll they get a load of me

Wait'll they get a load of me next year at Halloween. I've got the new idea. It's a humdinger. IF I can pull it off...

I’ve got it. By Jove, I’ve got it. Of course, it may be impossible to pull off, but if I do, well, wait’ll they get a load of me!

Halloween is over, the wait for next Halloween begins

As usual, my fertile mind doesn’t rest long post-Halloween before I start running through potential concepts for next year.

I must admit, I have been drawing blanks. This year, I really felt I had laid it all out there and made it happen. I was drained. Physically and creatively.

Getting rid of a load of supplies

As cleanup progressed last Friday, I began to toss out a load of material. Old stuff I have been using the past few years and new stuff.

While that left a ton of garbage for the poor guys to deal with on Monday, it didn’t seem to make much of a dent in the storeroom of doom.

Still, I know I now must think of something completely different for 2020.

Bigger, bolder, wilder

Well, yeah, if possible. Problem with always trying to top yourself is the cost of escalation. I’m not talking about dollars, there’s always ways to figure that out.

Nope, it’s coming up with the idea that makes people go, “You outdid yourself this year”. So far, I’ve gotten that every year for a while. How to keep it going? Don’t know.

Wait’ll they get a load of me

Or, I didn’t know until just recently. The idea I have is big. It’s bold and it’s surely wild. And I ain’t gonna tell you until I get a better feel for it’s possibility.

Can I pull it off? Highly doubtful. My imagination, while doing me credit, may be writing checks physical reality can’t cash.

But if I do. Oboy, if I do…wait’ll they get a load of me next Halloween!

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