Between vision and reality


vision realityBook Three of the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures is being released this month and that means a refresh to the website is required.

From years of work as an artist and advertiser, I have a well-developed design sense and have always had a clear view of how I want my website to look.  That’s not always how it ends up looking, though.

The realization of a graphic design into a web page depends on many things, not the least of which is money.  Given enough money, nearly anything can be made to appear on a web page.  Working within a reasonable budget (the business of writing is no different from the business of any other product or service), there are limitations to how much of my vision can be made real.

I employ a talented and rational team of designers to work on my website.  I send them “mock-ups” of what I would like to see and they tell me how much they can realize within my budget and offer suggestions that they think will either work better or simulate what I am asking.  They also offer me the option of exceeding my budget, which I have done more than once.  The end result is always a compromise.  Thankfully, the end result is usually of good quality, making the compromise less onerous.

It’s always tough to have a picture in your mind, translated roughly into a “mock-up” and further distilled by budgetary and design limitations.  Rationality vs. passion; business vs. pleasure; the compromise between vision and reality.

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