Upon which side sit my better angels?


Producing a blog can be a reasonably comfortable affair. Even those, like mine, that attempt to create a new post every day. Unlike mine, though, many of those blogs stick to a single subject. The dilemma in a rambling blog like this one is the debate over what subject matter should be included. And that’s when the question arises: Upon which side sit my better angels?

For readers that have been here for the long haul, the last year or so has revealed a not-so-subtle shift in tone. Specifically, there have been more political posts in the last year than in the previous seven before it combined.

Some readers love it. Some flat-out can’t stand it. That exactly sums up how I feel about it, too.

That’s where my debate always brings me, then. Which side should those better angels be propelling me towards?

My feelings and opinions on the current administration are strong (cue Yoda’s and Obi-Wan’s warnings here). And the damage I feel is being done to our country in its standing geopolitically and ecologically are similarly motivating.

I don’t like those feelings. They are dark and frustrated; they lead to fruitless expostulations into empty air. Ultimately, they force their way onto the printed page of my blog so as to reduce the tension.

They are totally valid subjects for my blog, since it has always existed as a voice for my rambling thoughts. But, I do prefer happy thoughts.

Which brings me to the other side of the coin: mindless blather. My usual recipe for determining the post of the day.

Some of those are fanciful. A few may be informative. More than a few are probably better left inside my head. But, hey, it’s a rambling and no one said this blog was going to be Pulitzer material.

The good thing about those posts is that they probably don’t annoy or bother anyone. Some of them even amuse readers. But they are almost never divisive and even less likely controversial.

Which means they, too, are totally valid subjects for my blog.

Now, I don’t suggest that I would turn this blog into a continuous political diatribe. First, that’s very limiting for a blog titled “Ramblings”. Second, I have no interest in all politics, all the time. No matter how much it seems to be invading my enjoyment of life these days.

But, in the same regard, I will not ignore it entirely merely because some readers don’t agree with my views. Again, my blog, my ramblings. The good (such as there may be) is taken with the bad.

As to upon which side sit my better angels, I think that question is probably as simple as asking another: Am I being true to myself?

I think, if I’m true to my “purpose” in this blog, I will post both idle blather and political commentary as the mood compels me. Not all one, all the time, but also not ignoring real issues simply because they may cause some negative opinions.

The title is Ramblings, and to be true to that name, there can be no place where my better angels fear to tread.

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