unwelcomeFor more than a week, the JMD blog has devoted space to serious topics, verging on dark.

Now comes the ultimate in darkness and severity. A topic long held back from addressing but finally can be delayed no more.

Today’s topic is doormats.

Yea, those supposedly helpful things that sit in front of the door as both a welcome and protection to friends and strangers alike.

Perhaps, in a simple climate, parched and dusty or constantly wet, the doormat choice is both simple and satisfying.

Not so in South Florida.

The obvious choice, a scrubber to wipe the feet before entering a home, is useless on a wet day, especially when the rain hits at an angle that soaks the mat.

A mat designed more for drying the shoes prior to slopping up the floor inside the door is ineffective for clumpy dirt and leaves.

I’ve yet to find a mat to satisfactorily handle both issues. It’s more than an “all-weather” mat that is needed, it’s an “all-sole” mat.

Those mats with the plastic bristles or rough surfaces provide no help for wet shoes and those mats with ruglike or absorbent material do little to clean the bottoms of those same shoes.

And Florida is so often both. Wet frequently and soil and leaf runoff everywhere. What’s a welcome mat to do?

Sure, I can take off my shoes when I get in the front door and then grab a towel to wipe down the tiles and shoe bottoms, but what about when I have guests?

There has to be a better solution, but I’ve not found one in the many mats I’ve tried over the past 20 years.

If you’ve got a suggestion, send me the name or link. I’m tired of my mat making me feel unwelcome.

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