unresolvedSo.  Here we are again.  That wonderful arbitrary day where millions of people fancifully design plans for their upcoming year.

What makes January 1st “the” day for setting goals.  Why not December 28th or January 6th or even August 19th?  After all, every day has just had 364 days previously.  What’s the big deal…the calendar?

Obviously, nothing worth doing is worth waiting until January 1st, but I’m sure plenty of you have heard (or said) the following, “As soon as January 1st gets here, I’m going to start [blank].”

If it’s a diet, it probably should have started at Thanksgiving, right?  And what does waiting until January do?  Do you get to “take a break” from the diet just in time for the holidays (thus producing the endless loop of saying “As soon as January…etc.”).

If it’s exercise, shouldn’t that be happening already?  If it’s reading or learning a new language or being nicer or, well, anything, why wait?  And if you’re not doing it already, is a proclamation on the first day of January any more binding than any other day?

I’ve got tons of things I would like to do better.  I make “resolutions” all the time.  Sometimes, I’m even successful in accomplishing them.  The day or month doesn’t really add anything (except, let’s say, a big event like a wedding or such).

Like Yoda says, do or do not…there is no try.  New Year’s resolutions?  I resolve not to have any.  I should already be working on them.

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