Unhappy trails


unhappy trailsI tested out a new walking path this morning, in preparation for expanding my walking distance and adding some variety at the same time.

The walk was in adjacent development area, moving more north-south than my regular east-west walk.  This led to some interesting results.

For one, north-south is much easier to walk.  We get mostly westerly or easterly breezes, so at any point I am either starting out or finishing with a “hand” against my chest.

For another, the path ends right at my “mini forest”.  There is a pretty interior walking path, roughly a mile in winding length, very close to my home.  It has a wonderful collection of trees and plants, lively birds and even abuts a canal on the far end.  A perfect way to finish off the walk.

The forest path was being re-mulched during my time walking it, forcing me to walk around some large, path-blocking trucks.  Not a big deal.

What was a big deal was the mulch itself.  Coming at the end of about three and a half miles of flat walking, it felt like I was plodding through heavy ground.  Uneven, awkward and mushy, the mulch trail left my feet and calves feeling extra tired.

It occurs to me, that with visits to at least two national parks and a lot of additional logged foot-miles, I probably should consider a bit heavier footwear to bring along on my GNABRT.

I’m going to make sure I add this mulch path to the back end of all of my walks, too, and strengthen my calves and feet.  Otherwise, those wonderful national park trails just might leave my legs a little unhappy.

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