Welp, my first skeleton is close to fully caparisoned. I’m still debating whether to add “Pied Piper” shoes. Considering the lengths I have had to go through to piece together even a semblance of a “Pied Piper” outfit, I’m guessing that’s one that may take a bit of searching.

My closest imagining is that I’ll have to end up with elf shoes. Maybe jester shoes, if that’s even a thing. I think he’s going barefoot.

My second skeleton is on the way and I have his costume already. Sort of.

After much searching across the entire world, as the internet provides, I could not find anything resembling an “Animal Control” outfit (not even a park ranger or some such). The closest I could get was a kid’s bug catcher’s outfit.

I can do some surgery on the hat to remove the bug veil and spray paint the extended net black (it’s red and blue plastic…sheesh), but there was a significant problem with the costume:

It had no pants.

Now, my display may feature skeletons, dead animal things and spooky lights, but it’s strictly G-rated. I’ve got little kids coming up my driveway, after all. I can’t have an indecent skeleton standing unashamedly near the front of my door!

I checked the package and it’s my fault – there was never supposed to be any bottom included with the costume (now I understand why it was only $19.99).

My thinking is I’ll have to sacrifice a pair of my own shorts to the cause. I doubt that after a month’s exposure to the elements and the real creepy crawly creatures that inhabit my front yard, that I’ll be returning those shorts to my dresser.

On the plus side, considering my reasonably not-too-expanded waist size, I don’t think it will take too much pinning/wiring/whatevering to keep those shorts up on that bony frame.

Because, if I want to keep my “all ages” rating, I can’t be having my skeletons out there undressed!

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