Under the influence


influenceBeginning next week (or tomorrow, for those of you who start the week with Sunday), I’ll be offering something a bit different with my blog posts.

What Next? will likely be in full release sometime during the week (paperback and e-book) and I want to try to “liven up” the Facebook page for Jeremy Shuttle, so I’ll be creating a sort of “paired posts” between the two sites.

Now that I’m taking a short break from writing before diving into Book 3, I thought I would spend some time sharing with you some of the creative influences that have entertained me and probably shaped my writing style, if not my imagination.

Over the next few days (or weeks, perhaps), I’ll use the longer format of the website blog to talk about a specific creative influence, beginning with authors.  At the same time, on the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures page in Facebook, I’ll post at least a couple of my favorite books by the author, with a little bit about why you might enjoy the book, too.  No spoilers, mind you, just a couple of sentences.  I may expand the posts into the Notes section, if they prove popular enough.

The world of reading opened up early to me and I have been thankful to retain the enthusiasm and capability to continue that special pleasure to this day.  Granted, I need a little more light and some artificial aid to my aging eyeballs, but the enjoyment remains.

You may have read the authors I’ll be telling you about; you may even have read the books I will be listing.  If not, I hope you will gain as much as I have from their imaginative works.

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