Under promise or under deliver?


under promiseRight about this same time last year. Weird how that works out. Does that mean I’m repetitive or just harping on the subject?

Oh, I see I’m musing out loud (in type) again before I’ve brought you into the conversation. Whups!

I’ve gone over with you how the weather has given me more opportunity and my fake tears have given me more capability. Now, I’d like to discuss the incentive to read more.

I was looking back to last year at this time and see that I made a “promise” about reading lots of books and writing lots of reviews.

It didn’t seem like a radical idea – 50 books in 12 months. Do the math, it’s less than a book a week. And I started out strong. But…

Then I started fading. Lots of things caused the fade. There was the tired eye issue (recently diagnosed and possibly cured). There was the out-of-practice issue. There was the hitting some bad books which slowed me terribly.

And there was the Great North American Baseball Road Trip that consumed me before and after the two and a half months I was actually on the trip.

Bottom line, I didn’t get close to my goal. Not even a stone’s throw away (and we’re talking little stones, the type that fall in your shoe and become really annoying).

So, the new year arrives and once again I set up a goal. Now, trying to be realistic (and cautious), I put down 24 books. Just two per month. Less than one every other week.

The whole thing is silly, really. Why put a “goal” on your reading? What good is it to “require” yourself to read? Reading should be for enjoyment, not some endurance test to see how much paper (or pixels) you can run through.

Still, I’ve got my two books done for month one (well, okay, I’m a day late for January). And if my “promise” to read isn’t as bold as last year’s, at least I know I won’t have to under deliver.

With crying eyes and no 15,000 mile road trips to distract me, I might even avoid fading this year.

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