Under my thumb


You probably haven’t noticed recently, but I’ve been having problems with my thumbs.

Thumbnails, to be exact. And only with Facebook.

My traditional method for posting my blog has been to publish it to three social media platforms. To do this, I use a WordPress (the blog program) app called “Jetpack”, which has many different functions.

The one in question is called “Publicize”. It allows me to link my media pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to automatically send my daily blog post there when I’m done.

The problem is always with Facebook. My thumbnails show up everywhere else but Facebook. But on Facebook, the thumbs just haven’t been showing up. That leaves me (and you) with a posting that is incredibly dull.

I can work around the issue by manually posting the link and adding an image, but then you don’t get the 40-50 word “preview” created by Jetpack.

It’s been incredibly frustrating because I’ve “solved” the problem many times.

First, I installed a plugin to override Facebook thumbnail control. That worked for a while and then…meh.

Next, I installed a different plugin to force the “Open Graph” (the contextual method for displaying thumbnails) to recognize my thumbs. That worked for a while and then…meh.

Now, despite what others might consider an inconsequential issue, I’ve actually purchased an SEO program that supposedly solves the Facebook thumbnail issue.

If it works, I will eventually get past my annoyance at having to pay for a solution. If it doesn’t, then I expect the self-same annoyance to possibly climb to anger.

Let’s see what happens with today’s blog. If you don’t see the post and thumbnail and preview, you might not want to contact me for a few days…I may be steaming.

Thank goodness Thanksgiving is only two days away. Between cooking and eating, I am hoping to, at least temporarily, thumb my nose at this nagging problem.

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