Uncivil war


uncivil-warLast Tuesday, I received a surprise text from my elder nieceling, ironically spending a few days with a friend in Philadelphia.

She was distressed about the direction the election results were taking. “Scared” was the word she used. She texted that she felt we would all be “screwed” if Donald Trump won (rumor has it, he did).

Frankly, I shared some of those same feelings, but I shoved them to the side to reassure her (particularly so that she would put it aside herself and enjoy her first ever trip to one of our most historic cities).

In short, I simply said that no one man, all the way up to president, can ruin our amazing country. We survived an actual civil war, two world wars and centuries of simmering hatred and envy.

Well, okay, I didn’t bring up those last two, but apparently what I said was enough and she had a great time.

Watching the reports of the initial efforts of the incoming administration, I am not encouraged by some of the early decisions, but I have committed to giving the benefit of the doubt and hoping for the best.

I am more disheartened by the continuation of abrasive and insulting comments back and forth between fellow Americans. We are all human and thus are given to weakness with our emotions, especially in such a deeply felt choice as this year.


It remains to be seen if the incoming group will lead an America for everyone. There are great divides that will never be “met halfway” in America. Pro-Choice/Pro-Life is one of those. There are many others.

The controlling party always “wins” those battles. The battle for America, the country, is a much larger conflict that has existed across the 240 years of our existence.

That battle is one of ideals. Of what the country stands for and what it means to us, the world and the future.

We’ve seen a war on civility during this campaign, in the behavior of the candidates, and the reflection of it within America.

What we need is peace. Within ourselves and our country. A great start would be to stop our uncivil war with each other.

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  1. Steve

    Sorry, Jeff, but I disagree. Things are past the time for giving Trump a chance. He made himself very clear during his campaign and has done little since he was elected to indicate differently. He ignores all customary standards of behavior in his position. I believe we are headed for an authoritarian state. Be very afraid!

    • JMD

      I would say if I had one fear it would be that, the thought that a country can be run like a business, which, by definition is at best an oligarchy and often an autocracy.

      My belief is that the combination of “Never Trumpers”, old line republicans and democrats in Congress will be enough to prevent any dangerous changes.

      Radical changes, unfortunately for more than half the voters, will likely be forthcoming. I am concerned they will not be in the best interests of the nation, but I refuse to concede hope.


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