It’s so true…great beauty equals high maintenance


high maintenanceNah, chill out, I’m not off on a sexist rant.  It’s all inanimate today.

Having just finished cleaning the kitchen, it occurred to me that the prettiest things in life take the highest maintenance.

I have a magnificent set of stainless steel appliances in my kitchen.  These are top O’ the line LG beauties, including the big french door refrigerator.  I love my kitchen as much as a mentally stable man can do so.

But, boy, do those stainless steel faces require constant makeup.

The internet is full of wisdom on how to clean stainless steel and keep it shiny and fingerprint-free.  There is no such thing.  Stainless steel has fourteen seconds of pristine life and the rest is cosmetic surgery.

As I was finishing off with the polish I find most successful, I realized this is a similar problem to my (occasionally) gorgeous black Avalon.

A black car is one of the sharpest, prettiest and flashiest colors you can own.  Unlike stainless steel, though, it has a half-life of about two seconds.  Everything in the world finds its way onto a black car.  Not just dust, but birds, flowers, leaves, fingers, washer fluid from the car in front of you, sprinkler spray from the house next door.  If you have mud flaps, the mud will use them to bounce onto the side of your car.

Coming out of the wash and wax, my Avalon is simply stunning.  By the time I get home (or, if doing it myself, by the time I put away the towels), the world has conspired to dull that beauty.  Sigh.

I’ve never been married, so I can’t speak to that, but I’ve dated pretty women.  I can honestly say, they have never caused me the same grief as stainless steel appliances.

Although, there was this one woman…

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