Trouble counting to two


My admiration for Amazon grows daily.

It’s not just the pricing, because they are not universally the cheapest (for instance, I’ve found a number of Halloween items significantly cheaper elsewhere), though most times they are at or below other retailers.

It’s the consistency.

Ever since they had a bad holiday season a couple of years ago, the company has rededicated itself to solving their logistics problems. In addition to better parsing of packages between the “big 3” (UPS, FedEx and USPS), they’ve increased the number of their warehouses and self-owned transport vehicles.

That has made their 2-day Prime shipping promise close to airtight.

Would that other retailers were so committed.

My purchases with Wal-Mart are a perfect example. Though all but two of the items boldly proclaimed two-day shipping, we’re a week out and the items are just now supposed to arrive.

Based on their emails and the information I’ve gleaned from them, they appear to be counting days from when they are finished “processing” the order. Unlike Amazon, their processing speed appears as if it’s not very fast.

Alternatively, its possible that their logistics operation may be inefficient. Perhaps they process equally as speedy as Amazon, but they have delays in getting it to the shipper equally as effectively.

Whatever the case, Amazon has set the bar at a high level – factual representation. When they say you’ll get it in two days, you actually get it in two days (sometimes less, believe it or not).

I plan my ordering for Halloween to allow for shipping time. It’s not the fact that a week has passed before I’ve received my Dead Things; I’ve still plenty of time to set everything up. It’s that Wal-Mart boasted I would get two-day shipping.

Seven days outs, I wonder if someone in their marketing department is having trouble counting to two.

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