Topic? We don’t need no stinking topics!


badgesIt’s been a long while since I published a truly random blog post. With that in mind, I hereby put the rambling back in Ramblings…

Maybe when I turn 90

My Dad has a Facebook page. It’s doubtful he even remembers it’s there. He’s never used it and it’s unlikely he ever will.

My guess is one of my nieces (his granddaughters, for those of you trying to imagine the tree) created the page for him as a way for family members to contact him. Now that he finally texts (a little), the page is even less useful.

But, there it was on my “friends” list of birthdays: Dad was 86 on Tuesday.

Of course, all my relatives get a card and a call on their birthday and so it was with Dad. He mentioned he got a few more calls than he expected (hey, maybe that Facebook thing works!), but he didn’t have anything planned as it wasn’t a “special” number.

After general age and remembering chatter, he allowed that maybe he would celebrate for his 90th birthday.

Let’s hope so!

My head is spinning

From the wacky world of strange thoughts during my walks. I was having a nice peaceful pre-dawn walk when I was disrupted by a solitary car on the road racing to wherever.

I have no understanding why people race around constantly (leave earlier and live longer!), but the noise was startling.

It occurred to me that I was moving much faster than the car and I resolved to look it up when I finished my walk.

Sure enough, I’m moving roughly 1,000 miles per hour. Well, along with everything else on the surface of the earth.

I stood outside and concentrated, but I couldn’t tell. I seem to recall a Dr. Who episode where the Doctor claimed he could always feel the planet rotate, but us mere earthlings don’t seem to share that sensitivity.

Signs of man

We’ve had considerable rain over the past week and it leaves the world susceptible to humanity’s unintended and unconcerned impact.

Walking along my trail, I saw several places where a large vehicle (perhaps a truck or school bus) had run through the wet grass and left a crushed black swath of grass behind.

Were I to plead this case anywhere but in my blog, I would likely hear the response Tom Hanks gave to Dan Aykroyd (under different circumstances) in their movie remake of Dragnet: “It’ll grow back!”

Plants have feelings, too

From the wacky world of strange thoughts during my walks, part II. Related to the above, I wondered what if plants felt pain just like we do (well, obviously, not just like, but you catch the drift).

All that mushed grass would be in considerable pain, right? And how about our thoughtless, “She loves me, she loves me not” dismemberings?

Thank goodness they don’t have vocal chords…no one would ever mow their lawns, let alone landscape!


Yeah, you know what? I think I’ll stick with topics in the future.

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