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dead-thing-pen-in-the-darkI was having lunch with my Dad and Stepmom and I was talking about how happy I was with the decorations this year. My only concern, I said, was how I was going to top it next year. He said he was going to ask me that very question.

At the time, I had no answer, so I simply shrugged and kept eating my salad. It’s not like the problem hadn’t already crossed my mind. As I’ve written before, the only time I’m not planning for Halloween is on the day of Halloween.

Late last week, some whispers of hints of possibilities floated through my admittedly cluttered brain. Those whispers have begun to take on strength, though not quite at full speaking voice level yet.

The basic premise I foresee is taking the Dead Thing Pen to its next logical evolution…the Dead Thing Driveway.

I see many challenges. First, I nearly broke myself creating the Dead Thing Pen, including all the heavy lifting, crouching, stooping and shoveling.

Second, My concept would, effectively, eliminate the use of my driveway to park my car for the entire time the creation was up.

Third, as I found out this year, the black mulch takes a beating from rain and sun, losing both luster and buoyancy.

Finally, the scale and scope I imagine for this creation would be dreadful to navigate should one of our tropical monsters decide to pay us a visit. Considering how large the effort would be to create, I would need to start earlier in October, meaning a greater time exposed to hurricane season.

We’ll see how this idea develops. Currently, it’s just a (dare I say it) ghost of a plan, but I could see amazing things given a full-scale creation of, say, 12 feet by 12 feet.

With a path up the middle, of course, for trick or treaters (and me) to get to the front door. I really could have used a garage all these years, but mother of invention will have to suffice.

Of course, you know what my real problem is going to be next Halloween.

“How on earth am I going to top this?”

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