Technology is amazing. It seems as if there’s an endless game of “top this!” going on. There are so many advancements and changes it’s hard for anyone to keep up.

During my meager shopping spree over the holidays (mostly clothes and some cheap blu-rays), I did pick up a couple of technology items.

Nothing phantasmagorical like VR glasses or drones, just ordinary life-improving stuff like wireless extenders and a newfangled electric razor.

And a pair of bluetooth earphones.

Now that I’ve succeeded in returning to 10 mile walks, musical accompaniment is of greater need than ever. That means earphones.

Up until now, I’ve used wired headphones with no complaint…except for the more than occasionally swinging my arm into the cord and accidentally yanking it.

So, I thought to turn my sights on a pair of bluetooth earphones during my holiday shopping searches.

At first, I was dubious. I prefer the hang-over-the-ear type earphones, as opposed to ear buds or headphones (think of those big things airline pilots wear). I don’t like things sticking in my ear except Q-tips (yes, I know that’s supposed to be bad, but since my Grandma’s a saint, I say phooey to naysayers).

There were no bluetooth earphones that didn’t have earplugs (or buds or whatever seems more modern to you). But there were plenty of choices of earphones.

Ultimately, I bit down on my dislike of earplugs and purchased a highly rated pair of bluetooth earphones through Amazon.

I’ve been pleased with the performance despite the peculiarities of the device (for one thing, the volume is so amped up that, except for classical pieces, I rarely have the earphones set at more than 1 or 2 on the volume scale).

On the walk this morning, I got a surprising message about a mile into my journey: “The battery is low.”

D’oh! Well, I was surprised simply because my previous bluetooth device (a simple earpiece for phone calls) always told me when I turned it on how much time was left on the charge.

The earphones show up on the iPhone with a battery icon indicating the battery level, but I just never thought to look at it.

For another half mile or so, I got the warning repeated every couple of minutes or so until a new message: “The battery is out. Power off.”

It got me to thinking that it would be nice if the earphones could simply draw power from the phone (which I never forget to charge), but I guess that’s technology not yet in existence.

My solution was to turn the iPhone volume up to maximum, which meant I just barely heard the music coming from my pocket.

I learned my lesson and charged the earphones upon returning (a simple USB connector). I’ll just do this after each walk now so I don’t have to go through another adventure toothless.

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