Too much of a tease?


Book2_Front_highResBook Two is published.

It will take some time for the distributor and online sales sites to update all their locations, so the book is only on sale at my publisher (Booklocker) and not at all your favorite online retailers.

Similarly, it takes a little while for the e-versions of the book to make it to your regular haunts, so the book is not yet fully “released”.

In the meantime, interested readers can take a peek at the first six chapters at my website.  Simply go to the “Excerpt” page (listed on the menu bar at the top of most pages) and click on the What Next? link and you can read the beginning of the book to whet your appetite.

It’s always a challenge to decide how much is “too much” when putting a preview up for readers to explore.  Should it be a quick tease?  Should I give more “meat” to show more flavor?  In the end, I think I’ve given you enough to get a feel for what’s happening with Jeremy and his companions.

As soon as the book is “officially” for sale, in both formats, I’ll update the blog and website accordingly, so keep checking back for your opportunity to pick up the next exciting book in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures.  I promise you some twists and turns along the way!

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