Tolerance is for cowards


tolerance-is-for-cowardsI hear it all the time. I read it all the time.

We should all be more tolerant. If only people were more tolerant. Less bad stuff would happen if there was more tolerance in the world.


There’s all too much tolerance in the world. Look at all we tolerate: racism, sexism, ageism, discrimination, abuse and so much other “bad stuff”.

Fact is, we tolerate way too much.

How does the United States still have so much of the worst of people still so prevalent in its supposedly enlightened society?

Well, open slavery may have ended and women’s suffrage may have won, but not in all hearts and minds. Same goes for religious or ethnic animosity.

We know that children are born innocent. They have few cognitive thoughts: eating, sleeping, pooping and a natural attraction to their parents.

So, for racism, sexism and all the rest to still be in America after all these years must be that many people still hold those concepts dear and then give their children the “gift” of their beliefs.

And so they are taught to “suffer fools” and show “tolerance”, but also taught in their heart-of-hearts that it is not only okay but right to hate others based on how they look, pray or believe.

That’s tolerance for you. As a nation, we tolerate people’s freedom to be secretly intolerant, because that’s what it means to be free. It’s okay for white hoods, swastikas and other less obvious trappings because we are tolerant of our differences.

Even if that difference is intolerance. I don’t call that ironic, I call it cowardice.

We should not shirk from the true goal of an idealistic society (and if you don’t believe we are that, go read your pre-American history that led to this great nation), that freedom must ever be tempered by purpose and benefit.

That purpose goes beyond laws into the very nature of good and bad, right and wrong. It means we must all challenge the thoughts and actions that are in direct contravention to our greatest and noblest ideals.

Branding someone inferior based on skin color or gender is not only intellectually false but also idealistic treason. Taking advantage of someone due to position or place is not only illegal but also un-American.

But we tolerate it. Oh, we have plenty of tolerance.

Now, empathy and understanding, those are surely in short supply.



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